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What You’ll Learn

Don’t waste any more time and energy trying to figure it out. Let us show you how.

How to Write a Book in 30 Days

Use our step-by-step self-publishing checklist to write your book in 30 days.

How to Publish a Book for Free

Publish your book for free without agents, contracts, or publishers.

How to Sell a Self-Published Book

Sell your book & create a sustainable passive income stream for your family.

30-Minute Online Workshop

Created for aspiring authors and storytellers like you.

Part 1

Why Your Story Is Worth Publishing

If you believe wrong, you'll never live strong. Let me help you crush the lies and face the fears that are keeping you from confidently sharing your story with those who need to hear it.

Part 2

A Step-by-Step Self-Publishing Roadmap

Let us give you a plan. Watch this video to get a step-by-step writing and publishing checklist so you never feel lost, confused, and alone.

Part 3

Our Best Self-Publishing Lessons, Tips, and Tricks

A year from now, you will wish you would've started today. There's power in your story. Let us help you share it.

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