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AuthorLaura Cruz

This Is What It Feels Like to Become a Published Author

My grandmother was a terrific woman. She was the matriarch of the family. The mother of 10 children and the grandmother of 21. And as one of her grandchildren, she felt so close to me. But in her last years, she battled the ugliness of cancer for five months until she passed.

This Is What It Feels Like to Become a Published Author

As a 15-year old girl, I didn’t know how to process the pain and suffering my grandmother was experiencing. And I dealt with an unimaginable amount of grief. So during a high school English class, I decided to write about this real-life experience.

Writing created a whole new world for me as I put my invisible emotions into visible words. And through the writing process, I found healing in the pain.

That simple essay was a complex and emotional piece to write. But after I finished, I had very little confidence in myself and the story I had written. I didn’t feel like a writer. I didn’t even think I would receive a passing grade. But to my surprise, my story meant something to my teacher and she saw something special in my writing. This is where my love for writing began.

Ten years later, I was a single mother in my mid-twenties. I was trying to lead my family while working as a Payroll Administrator at a local casino. It was exhausting. I was beaten down, lost, and confused.

I was at the end of my rope.

Everything changed when I met my husband, Felix. When we first met, he was a single father who was finalizing the divorce papers in his second marriage. We had both done so many things wrong in our lives that we both wanted to finally do things right. That’s when we decided to kick-off our relationship by courting.

Felix and I wanted more than an ordinary marriage. We wanted an intimate relationship that honored God. Courting worked. And one year later, we married.

During that season of courtship, life changed so much for me in so many ways. I now had a husband who loved and cherished me. My children had a father who filled a gaping hole they had been trying to fill. And the struggles of being a single mom were no longer.

While life was now so much better, I couldn’t help but remember the pain I felt. As odd as it may sound the feelings were much like the feelings I had when my grandmother was dying of cancer.

This new season was a time of reflection and celebration. And while I hadn’t written in years, my love for writing was reborn.

This time I wasn’t writing to process the pain and grief in my life. I was writing to share the beautiful story God had written in my life with those who needed to hear it.

Felix and I started to share our story with others. As time went on, more people became interested in courtship and what the experience was like for us.

What we found was that we were the first in our circle of family and friends to enter into a courtship. In fact, we couldn’t find anyone who knew what “courting” even meant! It was in this moment when I realized that God placed, in my spirit, a story with publishing.

Last fall, during a long 8-hour drive home with my husband, I finally started writing down my story.

But had no idea how to write a book. I wasn’t confident that my story would be interesting, or worse, that no one would read it. And I hardly even considered myself a writer.

And that’s when I discovered the BookWorthy self-publishing course. This course was a life changer. And everything I needed to become a published author.

laura cruz published author

If you’re reading this, I assume you have a dream of becoming a published author. That, or you’re looking to make sense of your own life-story and share it with someone who needs to hear it. Maybe it’s because you want to create passive income for your family. Or, maybe it’s because you’re ready to finally invest some time into writing the story you want to live.

Whatever brings you this article, I want you to know that you have a story worth publishing. And you don’t need to be a writer or even have a college degree to do it. If I can do it, so can you.

4 lessons you can learn from my journey

I want to share a handful of lessons I learned on the journey of becoming a published author. These are lessons that I wish I knew when I first started out. And I want to pass the wisdom along to you.

1. Do your research

You can never learn enough. Keep researching and finding new tips and advice until you find what works for you. I continued to read articles on the BookWorthy blog while I was waiting for the course to become active. My favorite one is How to Write a Book in 30 Days. It gave me the foundation I was looking for to start the writing process.

2. Trust in yourself

You have to trust in yourself that your story is worthy of sharing. Create your ideas by using the brainstorming/brain dumping process. Get all your thoughts out onto paper as it is an essential part of the writing process. Once you get everything down on paper, then you’ll be able to organize your thoughts and keep them in order. You will have something to follow, a foundation to keep you on track.

3. Schedule your writing time

Setting time aside to write is a vital part of the writing process. You won’t be very successful without letting your creative juices flow. You can use your imagination; you can research, you can do whatever it is that you need to do. You want to make sure that you choose the time to let your mind flow without interruption. With the demands of my life and career, I knew that scheduling specific time for writing, research and creativity was mandatory.

4. Create a space for writing

Make sure that you create a writing space that is free of distractions. I have a hard time staying focus when there are too many things going on at once. So, my husband helped me create a quiet space. I made sure that I had natural light coming into the room. I have a desk with inspirational words and colors that I like. Most of all, it’s quiet.

Writing a book is a lot easier with a plan

I wish that writing Now Courting was an effortless process. It sure wasn’t effortless, but it was a lot easier with a plan.

Do you have the desire to become a published author? Do you want to share your story with someone who needs to hear it? If so, then start BookWorthy’s free mini-course: Discover How to Self-Publish Your Book. This free mini-course will give you a plan—it will show you how to get started and finish well.

I was stuck and unmotivated for years by the fear of the unknown. I got caught up in writing techniques and tools and became discouraged. But when I found BookWorthy, I finally had a roadmap. Becoming a published author became a reality.

For many, writing is the most intimidating part of it all. But, for me, writing my book was a lot less painless than I anticipated. And while writing a book used to take months, if not years, I was able to complete mine in less than 30 days.

Accomplish your dream. Start the Discover How to Self-Publish Your Book free mini-course today.

About the Author

Laura Cruz

Laura Cruz is a mompreneur, wife, and the self-published author of Now Courting. She currently resides in Dover, Delaware with her husband and children.