Self-Publishing Success Stories

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Self-published Author of Catching Smoke

“If it weren’t for BookWorthy, I wouldn’t be a published author. But because of their helpful guidance, I was able to do in 30 days what I had been trying to do for 20 years.”

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Self-published Author of Now Courting

“I was stuck and unmotivated for years by the fear of the unknown. But when I found BookWorthy, I finally had a roadmap. Becoming a published author became a reality.”

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I accomplished a goal I’ve had since I was twelve years old: I am a published author. Even if the only people who ever bought a copy were my parents, I’d consider it a job well done.

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You Are: Trusting God to Define Who You Are

Writing and publishing a book seemed like a bizarre dream that would never come true. Looking back, what I wish I would have known that all I needed to do was start. Thanks to BookWorthy, I am now a published author.

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Becoming an Author Can Be Tough

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