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AuthorDavid Sanford

How to Make 2018 the Year You Finally Publish Your Book

My friend Shannon had written hundreds of blog posts, so it caught me off guard when she begged me, “You have to help me write a book.” She was so serious I couldn’t help laughing.

“I’m sorry, Shannon, but did you hear what you just said?” She wondered if she had said something wrong.

“You asked me to help you write a book,” I continued. “You’re a blogger, remember? Don’t worry about writing a book. Instead, just write a 1- or 2-page table of contents for the book you want to write. Then figure out which blog posts you’ve written that fit under each chapter.”

Shannon sat stone-faced for a couple of seconds. Then the epiphany hit her. She beamed. “Yes! I’ll have that table of contents to you before the end of the day.”

Shortly after 5:00 p.m. I received an email from Shannon. True to her word, she had written the table of contents for her dream book. Better yet? She had attached a finished 275-page manuscript for that book!

Best of all? Her book was published 100 days later.

You may be  halfway done with your book and not even know it

My friend Bob met me at Starbucks. Right after I finished my drink, Bob looked at me seriously. “I need your help, David. I’ve been working on my book for two years and have run out of steam.”

I didn’t say anything. I just looked in Bob’s eyes. When I knew I had his full attention, I said: “If I promised you that your book would be published this year, do you think you could write faster?”

Bob laughed. “Okay, I see the problem. I was worried whether my book would actually be published. I see your point. Yes, I’ll finish it this winter. I promise.”

Like Shannon, he kept his word. He published his book by early summer, went on a three-week speaking tour, and made more money selling books than he had ever made in a year.

2018 can be the year you make it happen

My passion is simple: To make it as easy as possible for first-time book authors to be successful. My track record also is simple: I’ve helped new authors publish more than 200 books.

Your story matters. Sign up for BookWorthy’s outstanding new book publishing course. And smile as you clear hurdle after hurdle on your way to successfully publishing your book in 2018.

About the Author

David Sanford

David Sanford is both a published author and speaker. His book projects have been published by Zondervan, Tyndale House, Thomas Nelson, Doubleday, and Amazon. He's been a featured speaker for events at the Billy Graham Center at the Cove, the University of California Berkeley, and more.