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AuthorMegan Wurzelbacher

How I Found Healing from Miscarriage While Writing My First Book

I’m the kind of person who tends to wear emotions on my shoulder. Expressing myself has never been difficult. And while this may be one of my most significant flaws, it’s also one of my biggest strengths, particularly in my writing.

Megan Wurzelbacher

I will never forget the day that, as a young girl, my teacher looked at me, entirely astonished by a story I had written. My words had pulled on a cord deep within her soul.

It was this moment that I learned the valuable lesson that my life and my story wasn’t meant to be a secret. My story is meant to be shared. So I started sharing stories about my life through fictional narratives in school. As a young girl, I had already developed a skill that set the stage for the rest of my life.

In 2009, my husband and I lost our first child to miscarriage. While searching for healing, I found myself in a new community of women. Many of these women, like myself, were searching for a solution for their similar pains. They were craving connection with others who could understand.

But while many of us wanted to talk about the children we had lost, there were others who were uncomfortable hearing about it. it. In a way, we were silenced from sharing our stories.

Miscarriage is a tragedy that most have experienced, but no one wants to talk about. The pain is too deep.

Though I did confide in that community, I found writing to be the best outlet for me. It was a safe place to process my feelings and find healing.

I began a blog to share my story with friends and family. As I shared the depths of our story, I discovered that I was reaching a bigger audience. And influence it had on those who read it was life-changing.

For the first time, and through my very own blog, I was able to connect with others who could relate. And while they found comfort in my words, I found support in theirs.

It was through blogging that I met thousands who could relate to my story and who needed to hear they were not alone. As I had pulled on a cord deep within the soul of my teacher as a young girl, I was doing the same for these women.

My story held power to change someone’s life, and I knew it was time to share it in a more significant way. It was time to write a book.

But I had no idea where to start. Figuring out how to write a book and get it published (or how to self-publish) felt impossible. And, most of all, after having four children (on this side of Heaven) I had limited free time to write.

Figuring out how to write and publish a book felt impossible.

One evening as I was scrolling through Facebook, I discovered BookWorthy. Jennifer Smith (one of the founders) had shared a post that made me feel like my story was worth publishing. That post changed my life. From that moment on I entered a new, exciting season of becoming a published author.

At first, I was nervous to even join the BookWorthy course! I didn’t believe in myself. I was afraid my story was not good enough. And I was worried I’d fail or not finishing what I set out to do.

It didn’t take long to realize that my feelings were fears that kept me from starting.

Within the first week after starting the course, BookWorthy put all my fears to rest. And the next week, I was well on my way to becoming a published author.

In May 2018 I published You Are: Trusting God to Define Who You Are. It’s a devotional to encourage women to trust God and allow him to define who they are despite what they may think about themselves, what others may have said to them or about them, or who they have become because of their life’s circumstances.

Publishing this book is not only a great accomplishment for me but also for my family. I am so humbled by this experience and where this journey is taking us. Without the encouragement and support in BookWorthy, I would have never become a published author.

3 lessons I learned while becoming a published author

Believe in yourself and be confident in your story

Whether you can believe it or not, I was nervous to share my story. I was fearful of how vulnerable I was in my book and how others would receive my story. But looking back, I should have been more confident in myself and my story. I didn’t publish my book very long ago, and I’ve already had many people tell me how my story has changed their life. The lesson is this: your story will impact others so believe in yourself.

Write everything down

Writing can be intimidating. It hits you once you realize that you’re not dreaming, but you’re actually writing a book that you’ll soon publish. You might feel the pressure to write every word perfectly. You may try to use elaborate vocabulary. You may try to write everything in the perfect order. I did. And let me tell you, it didn’t work. Instead, I was stuck and could not think of anything to write. Even though I had been carrying this story for so many years, I couldn’t get it out. Instead, of trying to be perfect, focus on writing everything down. Getting your thoughts out before you worry about how it sounds and flows.

The “brain dump” concept I learned in BookWorthy change everything. After I went through this exercise, I was finally able to get past perfection and uncover my real story.

Order copies of your book and keep them on hand

Once you’ve published your book be sure to keep copies on hand at all times! Even though my book is available on Amazon, so many people have asked for a copy of in-person. I now have plenty of copies on-hand so that I’m able to give away or sell a copy anytime someone asks.

Nobody writes a book alone

Writing and publishing a book seemed like a bizarre dream that would never come true. I waited for years until I was “ready.”

Looking back, what I wish I would have known that all I needed to do was start. But without BookWorthy, I would’ve never known where to start. Nor would I have known where to look to figure it out. And now, I am a published author.

Don’t let the lies stop you. Don’t put off starting until you’re “ready.” Your story is worth publishing. And some people need to read it.

But your published story won’t just change someone else’s life, it’ll change your own. And if I can do it, you can too.

If you’re ready to take the first step, register for BookWorthy’s free online workshop: Discover How to Self-Publish Your Book.

About the Author

Megan Wurzelbacher

Megan is on a mission to remind women of their ability to overcome and persevere. She self-published "You Are" in 2018, is a wife and mother of four.