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AuthorJennifer Smith

How I Finally Decided My Book Was Worth Publishing

There’s something special about being on the open road. My husband and I often take a long drive as an opportunity to talk about the complexities things of life. And it’s almost like the car’s forward motion keeps the conversation flowing for eternity.

How I Finally Decided My Book Was Worth Publishing

It’s in these times that we often share the depths of our heart with each other. We’ve done it ever since we first got married and it continues to be our favorite way to communicate with each other. Having children hasn’t stopped us or slowed us down either. They are always excited to jump in, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

A few months after having our first son, we took a drive to the beach. The trip was over an hour, and our son slept the whole way! During this time, my husband, Aaron, brought up the impact we had been making online with our blogs. He was sharing his excitement for how God was using us to encourage marriages.

Aaron also pointed out that I was making an impact in our local church community. I had put together a Bible study and was leading a few friends through it. He asked me how it was going and what the other wives thought about the content.

I told him that the other wives were feeling encouraged. They loved how I taught each weekly topic. As we chatted back and forth, Aaron brought up the idea of taking my lessons on God and marriage to the next level. He started talking about writing a book.

The light bulb went on. It was in this moment that we realized that writing and publishing a book would be our next big adventure.

When we got to our destination, we met up with a few friends. The discussion led us to share our conversation from the drive over. Our friends loved the idea of us writing and publishing a book. And the more excited our friends got, the more I realized it could become a reality.

As I stopped talking and started listening, I began to feel insecure. The thought of publishing my first book brought up a host of fears. Fears that pushed my heart away from the very thing I desired to do before I had even started.

Over the next few weeks, our conversations about self-publishing became a reality. Aaron started researching. His mission was to figure out how to self-publish a book while I wrapped my mind around how to write a book.

We hadn’t even started yet but the more we talked, it seemed as if it was already happening. My heart began to shift, and I developed a deep conviction that my book, my words could change the world. There was this weight of responsibility about it that seemed to fill my heart. It was almost as if I had a message that was unique to me and I was the only one that could share it. This feeling motivated me to start.

I determined to finish what I started, despite the insecurities. I had a strong point of view about the message to draw a wife’s heart closer to her husband and to God and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was on my heart and mind all day, every day.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it—that I could write a book. I knew it would be challenging, but I also saw an opportunity to do what I dreamed.

My first book took me a month and a half to write. Although it was difficult at times, there were also moments where I couldn’t stop writing.

If a year before, someone would’ve told me that I was going to be a published author, I would have laughed. But I had no idea how close I was to doing something so extraordinary. I didn’t know a thought could turn into action so quickly. And yet, here I am only a few years later, and I have written 10 books with another on the way. It blows me away.

Before I wrote and published my first book, I was the person who would have kept putting it off. My insecurities would’ve kept me dreaming without doing. But I learned that a dream is just a wish until you start.

Your book is worth publishing

Thousands tell themselves that self-publishing isn’t for them. Or they’re waiting until it’s the right time (whenever that is).

Maybe this is you? I want to encourage you to jump in! I want to be that voice to remind you, just as my husband told me, that you are capable.

Consider the reasons why writing your book will be worth it to you. Is the message something you feel strongly about? Do you feel like you’ve found a treasure that would bless others who read it? Is there a gnawing in your heart that you have a responsibility to share? Is becoming a published author a dream you desire to fulfill?

Register for our free online workshop, Discover How to Self-Publish Your Book and take the next step. Move toward this extraordinary goal of writing and publishing your book.

Sharing your story with the world is one of the most extraordinary experiences that you’ll ever have. And you can start today.

The good news is that you don’t have to embark on your publishing journey alone. When you’re ready, consider registering for the BookWorthy Self-Publishing Course where my husband and I will give you the guidance you need to share your story with the world. Your book is worth publishing.

About the Author

Jennifer Smith

From a young age, it was always a dream of Jennifer's to be a published author. She wrote and self-published her first book in 2014. Since then, she and her husband have sold over 560,000 self-published books in print.