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Why Authenticity Is the Best Way to Win Readers

Children’s author S.D. Smith had all but ruled out self-publishing. “I love that it’s possible and that the doors are open to finding an audience without permission from gatekeepers,” he said. But doing it by himself was daunting. It was only when he found an ally that Smith reconsidered. “It was partnering with Andrew Mackay[...]

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How to Write a Powerful Story That Will Inspire Your Readers

They say Mozart could write an entire concerto, error-free, in one sitting. He listened to the music in his head, and wrote it down. What he imagined is what he wrote. And what he wrote is some of the most celebrated music in the history of humanity. Many of us approach writing and storytelling that[...]

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How to Write a Book in 30 Days

Writing a book can feel intimidating. If you don’t know much about the process, you could assume that it involves a hard-to-find agent. And a dozen seasoned editorial professionals. And that their process will take half-a-decade to complete. If that’s the case, it’s no wonder that 81% of people have a book inside them but[...]

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The Best Book Writing Software: 6 Simple, Powerful Apps for Authors

Are you wondering if Microsoft Word has the capabilities you need to write your book? It’s my goal in this article to curate a list of only the best-of-the-best book writing software programs for you. That means every product on this list is one I’ve used in the past or am looking to use soon[...].

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How to Quickly Find Your Voice as a Writer

If you are a writer or trying to become one, chances are you’ve heard the phrase, “you need to find your voice.” It is a phrase that evokes mystery and perhaps a little bit of fear. Maybe you think you aren’t unique and therefore won’t have a voice, but that isn’t the truth. The best[...]

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How to Become an Author Even If You’re Just a Blogger

During a recent conversation with a literary consultant, they told me a story of a University Professor who wrote and produced their first book in one day. The university professor was well-known and acclaimed in their field but only from word of mouth. They were being nudged by the university leadership to publish a book[...]

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