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Self-Published Authors: How to Get a Free LCCN

I knew self-publishing was going to be tough, but there was one thing I never expected: all the acronyms. One of those was “LCCN.” When I first encountered it, I had no idea it stands for Library of Congress Control Number.  And I didn’t yet know why those four little letters mattered for the success[...]

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How to Sell More Books as a New Author

Few Americans have ever been invited to an author party, but most say they would love to attend one this year. It’s definitely the most fun way to sell 50 to 250 copies of your new book in a single evening. Simply ask friends of yours with a nice, larger home who love to host[...]

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6 Creative Book Landing Pages That Made Their Author Famous

So, you’ve written a book, and now you want to sell it. The question is, how? You need a book landing page. You might already have some marketing and sales channels setup like a Facebook page, website, or even an online bookstore. While all those channels can help you raise awareness, you need a home for[...]

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How to Start a Blog Worth Reading

You have something to say, and you have a story to tell. Right now there are thousands of people that you don’t know yet who are waiting to be inspired by your words, your actions, and your personality. If that’s you, it’s about time to start a blog.   It doesn’t matter if you’re a[...]

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