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Category: Self-Publishing Stories

How I Finally Decided My Book Was Worth Publishing

There’s something special about being on the open road. My husband and I often take a long drive as an opportunity to talk about the complexities things of life. And it’s almost like the car’s forward motion keeps the conversation flowing for eternity. It’s in these times that we often share the depths of our[...]

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How I Found Healing from Miscarriage While Writing My First Book

I’m the kind of person who tends to wear emotions on my shoulder. Expressing myself has never been difficult. And while this may be one of my most significant flaws, it’s also one of my biggest strengths, particularly in my writing. I will never forget the day that, as a young girl, my teacher looked[...]

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Why I Almost Quit Writing & Never Published My First Book

When I was 7 years old my single-mother passed away. My two sisters and I were devastated and it flipped our entire world upside down. Our loving grandparents took us in and began helping us grieve. I was a mess. Nightmares plagued me. Her pictures haunted me. And each day was a depressing reminder of[...]

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This Is What It Feels Like to Become a Published Author

My grandmother was a terrific woman. She was the matriarch of the family. The mother of 10 children and the grandmother of 21. And as one of her grandchildren, she felt so close to me. But in her last years, she battled the ugliness of cancer for five months until she passed. As a 15-year[...]

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