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Category: The BookWorthy Show

How to Make an Honest Living as a Writer with S.D. Smith

You’ve probably heard it said, “it’s impossible to make a living as a writer.” Or, “your poetry book won’t pay the bills.” Unfortunately, too many parents, teachers, and mentors encourage the young, aspiring authors around them to go to college and “get a real job” instead of pursuing their dream. That’s why millions of talented[...]

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Why Writing a Bestseller Is Overrated with David Hazard

How do you measure the success of a book? How many copies sold? How much money it made? As authors, it’s tempting to reach for these obvious metrics. But can the number of copies sold really quantify the life-changing power of your book? Author and writing coach David Hazard says that too often, we get[...]

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How to Make Time to Write Your Book with Elizabeth Craig

Can you be a parent of toddlers and still manage to write and self-publish your book? Can you balance family commitments with your dream of becoming a published author? Elizabeth Craig says you can—and you can start by writing a page a day and reading the books you love. In this episode of the BookWorthy[...]

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How to Turn Your Blog into a Book with David Sanford

What if you’ve already written your book and just don’t know it yet? David Sanford says that just might be the case. David has been writing books and coaching authors for years, and he’s seen a trend. Often, an aspiring author will feel overwhelmed by the prospect of writing tens of thousands of words. But[...]

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How to Face the Blank Page with Confidence with Drew Bird

Few things are as intimidating as staring at a blank page. But if you’re going to self-publish, Drew Bird says you have to learn to face it with confidence. The good news: it’s not as hard as you might think. Drew’s been there before. When he decided to self-publish his book The Leader’s Guide to[...]

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How to Write a Book That Will Impress Readers with Honoree Corder

Honoree Corder has written and published so many books she’s lost count. “More than 30” is the closest she can come to an exact number. Thirteen years since she published her first book, Honoree is still cranking them out. And when she’s not writing, she’s coaching other writers and professionals on how they can transform[...]

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Lara Casey on How to Conquer Your Fears & Share Your Story

Anything worth doing is scary, and few things are as intimidating as sharing your story with the world for the first time. Lara Casey has been there, and she has a message: no matter how overwhelming it feels right now, taking that first step is worth it. In the latest episode of The BookWorthy Show,[...]

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How to Be Authentic and Win Followers with Allie Casazza

Sharing your story in the form of a book often comes with all kinds of fears and hurdles. If you’ve been there before, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, this podcast episode will give you a taste of the experience. It’s common to ask yourself one of these questions, “What if no one[...]

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How to Figure Out What You Want to Say with Dan Sheehan

If you have a dream to become a published author but you’re just not sure what you want to say or what you should write about, this podcast episode is for you. Today’s conversation is with Dan Sheehan. He’s the author of After Action: The Story of a Cobra Pilot’s Journey and Continuing Actions: A[...]

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How to Make Time to Write Your Book with Jerrad Lopes

Are you too busy to write a book? You may have a dream of becoming a published author, but work, family, and the busyness of life just seem to get in the way. And instead of making your dream come true this year, you settle for next year. And the next year. And the next[...].

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